Thesing Umbero Ulvauno

Professional Opera Star, Hobbyist Douchebag


Thesing is an opera star and minor celebrity in the city of Westcrown. He’s an unpleasantly arrogant man whose main concerns are himself and his career. Though he can be superficially friendly to those he’s attempting to impress (or seduce), this doesn’t last long after he gets what he wants.

He is playing Haanderthan in The Six Trials of Larazod alongside the party. He is very much looking to their deaths in the play.

Subsequent to his humiliation in The Six Trials of Larazod, Thesing fell afoul of the vampire Ilnerik Silvanshin. Stalking the streets as a free-willed vampire, he sought his final revenge against the party. He kidnapped Calseinica, hoping to turn her into a vampire herself while Sandra watched helplessly.

The party killed him in short order.

Thesing Umbero Ulvauno

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