Janiven Key

Arael's Second in Command


Female human ranger 7


Janiven grew up in Westcrown and believes the city’s current state is deplorable. When a half-elf cleric of Iomedae named Arael offered her the chance to start a group at his side, dedicated to protecting the city from the shadow beasts and other dangers that stalk its nights, she jumped at the opportunity.

The group advocates for a “citizen’s watch” and wish to return the city to its former glory, but their goal is not to cause open rebellion. Even so, their goals are at odds with the government of Cheliax, and the true nature of their organization is a strictly guarded secret. Certainly they have no love for House Thrune or the worship of Asmodeus, particularly not the leaders.

Janiven is well-known and trusted throughout the city, though she has a reputation for being somewhat rash. She is slow to trust people as friends, but once she does, her stern attitude shifts to warmth and humor.

She and Rizzardo were recently encouraged by YT to acknowledge their feelings for one another. They’re very happy.

Janiven Key

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