Gorvio Fieri


CG male human sorcerer 5


Gorvio works for his uncle Jacovo, a horse trader, but has increasingly grown curious about his ancestry—his vibrant amber eyes (among hints he’s heard from his uncle during the man’s frequent drunken bouts) make him suspect that somewhere in his past lurks the blood of a tiefling or two.

He started manifesting strange magical abilities shortly after he became involved with the Children of Westcrown.

He was tricked by an agent of the Council of Thieves, Thea Blue, who used him to get to the party and then tried to have them all killed. After that didn’t work, she kidnapped Gorvio and tried to use him to lure the party in again, which again failed. Gorvio recovered from the ordeal and subsequently became romantically involved with Mathalen.

Gorvio Fieri

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