Ecarrdian Drovenge


Ecarrdian was born after Sidonai Drovenge made a deal with Mammon in exchange for a son and heir. It was immediately clear, however, that Ecarrdian was a tiefling. Enraged at this affront to the family dignity, Ecarrdian’s grandfather Vassindio Drovenge murdered Ecarrdian’s mother and, once Sidonai confessed what he had done, sent him into exile. Since then, Ecarrdian has been kept secret from the world, locked away inside the Drovenge estate. His only friend growing up was his half-sister, Chammady.

Ecarrdian wants revenge on his grandfather for holding him captive, as well as control of the Council of Thieves and eventually Westcrown itself.

Unbeknownst to almost all, Ecarrdian is not merely a tiefling, but the son of Mammon himself. Mammon hopes to advance his schemes for the region through his devilish scion, and claim his closest living relation’s soul for endless servitude.

He was killed in his attempt to take over Westcrown, Mammon reclaiming his soul and taking it to Hell.

Ecarrdian Drovenge

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