Crosael Rasdovain


LE female tiefling bard 9


Once Mayor Arvanxi’s majordomo, Crosael agreed to work for the Drovenges when they threatened to expose her tiefling heritage. As she had no illusions about the way tieflings were treated in Chelish society, she didn’t mind betraying the mayor in the slightest.

After being defeated by the party in the ruins of Arvanxi’s home after it exploded, she was imprisoned for some time. Sandra kept checking in with her to chat, seeing a shadow of her own circumstances in the bitter woman. Finally, Sandra freed her from prison, hoping that this would encourage her to begin a better way of life.

She reappeared in the wake of the chaos following the Drovenges’ bid for control of the Council of Thieves, offering the party helpful information before vanishing once again. After Ecarrdian’s defeat, she gave Sandra a way to get in touch. She seems to have a grudging respect for her.

Crosael Rasdovain

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