Chammady Drovenge


Scion of the Drovenge line and Vassindio Drovenge’s only (public) heir, Chammady is a beautiful young woman and well-known fixture of social life among Wiscrani nobility.

Unbeknownst to almost all, she despises her grandfather for looking down on her and mistreating her tiefling half-brother. She schemes to murder him and take over the Council of Thieves in his stead, providing a way for her brother to finally obtain the life they believe he deserves.

She and her brother have begun their bid for control of the Council, having assassinated their grandfather and a great many of the Council loyalists. The party, however, remains a thorn in her side.

After finding out that the infernal contract tied to Ecarrdian would damn her soul to Hell as a lemure for all eternity, she turned on her brother and helped the party fight against him. After the final confrontation, she was jailed for her crimes. Whether she can be convinced to atone for her deeds remains uncertain.

Chammady Drovenge

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