Aberten "The Dealer" Vittershins


NE male halfing sorcerer 7/harrower 3


An opportunistic halfling long working for the Council of Thieves, Aberten jumped at the chance to gain more power and respect in the younger Drovenges’ takeover. After being defeated by the party in the ruins of Mayor Arvanxi’s home, he bargained for his release in exchange for information. Recognizing “the winning side,” he offered to work as a double agent.

His information proved quite useful, but unfortunately, Chammady Drovenge realized what he was up to. He was tricked into leading the party into an ambush and captured by Council agents. The party rescued him from his imprisonment—and imminent drowning—at Walcourt. He now works for the Children of Westcrown as a skilled—if potentially unreliable—ally. Sandra and Fiosa hope to show him a better way of life.

Aberten "The Dealer" Vittershins

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