Campaign Traits

Child of Infamy: see player’s guide

Conspiracy Hunter: see player’s guide

Diabolist-Raised: see player’s guide

Infernal Bastard: You are a tiefling. You might be an escaped slave, a hidden shame, or a homeless vagabond, but life in Cheliax has been particularly hard on you. Whether these experiences have made you a bitter and cynical scoundrel or pious and hopeful optimist is up to you, but this has trained you to be cautious around others and ready to react if they are unfriendly. You gain a +1 to Initiative and a +1 to Bluff and Sense Motive checks.

Shadow Child: Westcrown has long suffered under a peculiar curse, a blight that rises every night, bringing with it fell beasts that hunt the shadows. No one can say from whence these night-horrors come. Whatever the cause, the people of Westcrown have long feared the night, but not you. Whether due to curiosity, necessity, or simple stubbornness, you often venture out at night when these beasts stalk the streets. You’ve acclimated yourself to the dark and act with greater precision in shadow than most. Areas of darkness are treated as dim light for you, and you receive a +1 to Perception in darkness or dim light.

The Pathfinder’s Exile: see player’s guide

Westcrown Firebrand: see player’s guide

Accidental Troublemaker: Somehow, you’ve ended up being viewed with suspicion by the dottari or Hellknights of Westcrown. Maybe you made an unwise comment about the mayor or House Thrune in public. Maybe you’re suspected—rightly or wrongly—of having committed a crime, though there is no evidence to accuse you. Maybe you’ve simply gotten involved with someone or something the law wouldn’t like. Whatever the reason, you’ve learned to be on the lookout for trouble. You gain a +1 to Perception and a +1 to Knowledge (local) and one of these (your choice) is always a class skill for you.

Campaign Traits

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