Thessaly "Thea" Blue


NE female human bard 7/UC rogue (spy) 4/master spy 2


A young, enthusiastic member of the Council of Thieves, Thea has been spying on the traditionalists on Chammady’s behalf for the past six months. Knowing that Gorvio was a member of the Children of Westcrown, she insinuated herself into his good graces in order to be able to get some information on the party; much to her dismay, she hasn’t managed to find out anything of use from him.

She is an opportunist, and takes whatever chances she can to get an advantage.

After using Gorvio to set up the party’s assassination, she escaped to plot her next move. She kidnapped Gorvio after he attempted to follow her, imprisoning him in Walcourt as bait for the party. They captured her there and sent her to jail, but she was freed by Chammady in the chaos surrounding the attempted takeover of the city. She aided the raid on the safe house, kidnapping Arael in the process, and then showed up again with other assassins to attempt to put an end to them. Sandra put an end to her instead.

Thessaly "Thea" Blue

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