Ivran Xerysis


LN male human (Chelish) aristocrat 3/fighter (weapon master) 3


The eldest grandson of the patriarch of House Xerysis, Ivran is something of a black sheep in the family, and his siblings and cousins often regard him as foolish and soft-hearted. For his part, he dislikes the devilish tendencies of his family and does his best to avoid them.

He was once romantically involved with Serafina Grulios, and their families were discussing engagement plans until she abruptly broke things off with him and left to oversee the family’s holdings in Varisia. Though he knew the union was mostly politically motivated, he does care for her and is concerned that something serious might have happened.

He was rather distraught after recent events, including Serafina’s cancellation of their engagement, but seems to be recovering. He hopes to become a dottari captain to help guard the city. As of late, he’s been paying tentative visits to the Bruised Eel.

Ivran Xerysis

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