Arael Taneli

Leader of the Children of Westcrown


Male half-elf cleric of Iomedae 7


Arael is a handsome man whose family has long lived in Westcrown. He wants nothing more than to see the House of Thrune toppled, but knows that this is a long-term goal at best, and has set his sights, for now, on what he feels is a much more manageable goal—making Westcrown a nicer place to live. He hopes that by founding a group of “people’s heroes” (he’s loath to actually use the word “rebel” since that has negative connotations in his mind), he can show the city’s rulers a better way.

He has a sometimes tempestuous romantic relationship with Remei. Although finding out she was actually a noblewoman was something of a shock to him, he decided—with some help for his friends—that he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of their love.

He’s been pondering how to propose for the past several weeks.

Arael Taneli

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