Aisharya Khree

Leader of Thuryan


CG female storm giant bloodrager 3


The daughter of Frindle Khree, the storm giant who bargained with Queen Abrogail’s navy to let the giants relocate, currently leads the remains of the giant population on the island. Recently, she discovered a cache of family heirlooms and journals detailing the island’s siege, and plans to clandestinely build up the island’s defenses so Thuryan can declare sovereignty from Cheliax. From there, she means to create a safe haven for those persecuted on the mainland. She has united most of the island’s giants around her cause, and several dissidents have already sought refuge on Thuryan.

Aisharya knows, however, that her efforts won’t go unnoticed forever, so she means to build up as much firepower as she can before Thrune turns their attention to the island.

Aisharya Khree

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